Theatre Review: Trying at the Hen and Chickens Theatre

Drama school grads find it hard to be taken seriously in this entertaining comedy

Trying is a comedy based around the lives of two young actors, desperate to make it as serious thespians.

The running pretence is that they will perform ‘Shakespeare in 162 hours’, but various interruptions from their imperious agent result in them presenting a whistle-stop tour through their professional careers.

The satirical presentation of the acting profession was spot on and raised more than a few chuckles.

Highlights of the performance include a brilliant reflection on observational comedy, an ingenious musical rejection of an unwanted fan and an unexpected appearance of Mr Blobby.

One section of the performance reflected on surreal comedy, and in a believable way I found myself drifting into their world.

I am not usually a fan of that genre, so this was mastered well.

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Equally I was not expecting to find ‘laugh out loud’ comedy but here it was. The improvised and spontaneous jokes created real engagement with the actors and their tale, based on real life.

Despite a few inevitable first night fluffs and technical glitches the audience, including myself, were clearly amused and entertained.

The writing was sharp and witty and performed in a highly engaging and informal way. It felt like a night at home with some highly humorous friends from university.

The performance ended after around an hour, which seemed a perfect length of time, allowing Kyle Eaton and Daryll Garavan to keep up the fast pace and leaving us wanting just a little bit more.

* Trying is showing at the Hen and Chickens Theatre, in Saint Paul’s Road, N1, until Saturday, September 17.