Theatre Review: World Burlesque Games Fundraiser in Islington

Peek-a-boo acts tease Islington with a taste of the World Burlesque Games

Burlesque with its corsets, fake fur, fish nets and fans and of course the shimmy-shimmy of titillation came to Islington.

Acts from around the world gathered at the Relentless Garage at Highbury Corner for a teaser fundraiser event in preparation for 2012’s World Burlesque Games.

The event, organised by the renowned burlesque pioneer and self-styled “Burlesque King” Chaz Royal, involved some of the most eclectic and diverse acts in burlesque, pushing the boundaries of the art of the strip tease to the max and delivering an electric atmosphere.

A truly international cast took to the stage including Japan’s Erochica Bamboo, Australia’s Freckles Blue and our own Betsy Rose, tantalising the crowd with their peek a boo turns. Their vintage costumes were sequinned, elaborate delights - and it wasn’t only the girls in action: Count Adriano Fettucini performed a daring striptease on a unicycle and Craig the Incredible Hula Boy wowed the crowd with his moves. All of this was hosted by Benjamin Louche.

Burlesque has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years, with its sense of mischief and amazing costumes and has hit the mainstream with a bang. The mixed Highbury audience of all ages were enticed, seduced and left wanting more as the various sexy stunts got the temperature rising.

A fun and playful night out – this was a great sneak preview giving lots to look forward to before next May’s World Burlesque Games!

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* The one-off performance at the Relentless Garage, in Highbury Corner, N5, on Saturday, October 1, was held to raise money for the World Burlesque Games.