Theatre review: Zombie Science 1Z at the Courtyard Theatre

Comic horror expert Dr Austin shows you just how to tackle a zombie outbreak

For those of us who feel like the current economic crisis might be a portent to something more sinister, Dr Austin’s lecture on Zombie Science was a reassuring guide into the appearance, causes, prevention and cures of zombie-ism.

Yes, following David Beckham, Harry Potter and The Simpsons studies, you can now undertake a course from the Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies (ZITS). I had initially feared that lecturer Dr Austin would simply revise theories from classic zombie films, but his research was firmly rooted in biological science (backed up by the University of Glasgow) – even if the presentation format had taken a large detour via the Edinburgh Festival.

Sporting the latest in blood spattered geek chic, the learned Dr Austin donned his white coat to describe how a zombie outbreak might occur and what the potential causes may be.

Unfortunately the one-man show was sadly lacking in any hobbling and moaning examples of the condition, so audience participation was necessary to demonstrate how to destroy a zombie brain, how much damage might be caused by a zombie bite and what kind of projectile weapons might be useful in dealing with the undead critters.

The question and answer session which followed underlined Dr Austin’s authority on the subject, handling everything the bloodthirsty audience could throw at him.

Performed as part of the London Horror Festival, Zombie Science 1Z showed just what everyone needs to deal with zombies. Braaaiiinnnsss….

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* Zombie Science 1Z was staged at the Courtyard Theatre, in Bowling Green Walk, N1, on November 17 as part of the London Horror Festival.