This Islington Square show apartment has been furnished entirely from local shops

Islington Square Show Apartment

Islington Square Show Apartment - Credit: Archant

Interior designers Amos and Amos have created a hyper local show home featuring only furniture and accessories they sourced from shops on Upper Street

The bathrooms feature products products sourced from the Islington branch of Aesop

The bathrooms feature products products sourced from the Islington branch of Aesop - Credit: Archant

With new builds springing up all over London you’d be forgiven for suffering from show home fatigue.

The streets of London are awash with hoardings plastered with images of identikit rooms and fantasy inhabitants straight from stock images.

So it was refreshing to discover that the team behind the Islington Square development have chosen a different tack, choosing to source all of the fittings and furnishings for their show apartments from local businesses.

The Edwardian former sorting office of the Royal Mail is being transformed into a modern living space.

Speaking at a private viewing, Jaki Amos of design and interior architect practice Amos and Amos said: “One of the design challenges we set ourselves with this show apartment was that everything in terms of the dressing had to be sourced from in our around Upper Street. It was quite a challenge as it turned out!”

The designer duo and married couple set about inhabiting the mindset of their ideal local couple to deduce what products they would choose to fill their home with.

“We imagined a couple, in their only 30s, both very successful. She was in fashion, he was in media,” said Mrs Amos. “The typical type you find out on Upper Street every day.”

Walking around the show apartment feels as if you’ve wandered into an Islington home that the trendy urban inhabitants had just left for the evening.

Upper Street interiors shops Abigail Ahern, Twentytwentyone, After Noah and The Architectural Forum all supplied items for the apartment.

Even the bathroom was decked out in a full compliment of Aesop products from the local store. “We didn’t think she was a Pantene shampoo kind of girl,” said Mrs Amos.

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She added: “It was just a really nice sense of involving the community in something which is really authentic in its design and something that is really strongly rooted in its geographical location.”

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