Mother ‘petrified’ after daughter, 7, escapes Hargrave Park Primary School and is found in Junction Road

Three children escaped from Hargrave Park Primary School and made it as far as Junction Road before

Three children escaped from Hargrave Park Primary School and made it as far as Junction Road before being found. Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

Three young children scaled the fence at Hargrave Park Primary School and escaped into a nearby main road.

The school has admitted the seven-year-olds got out – but insists it “remains safe” and the incident has been “investigated”.

Mum Chaya Beeharry, 48, an Islington Council carer of more than 20 years, is shocked a local authority school could make such a “safeguarding failure”.

She claims there were seven staff members on playground duty when her daughter and the girl’s friends hopped the fence – an allegation the school didn’t respond to directly.

Chaya also believes Hargrave Park downplayed the incident, leaving it to her daughter Lailee to explain she’d got as far as Junction Road before a staff member found them.

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“Anything could have happened to them,” said Chaya. “I left my daughter in a school which I think is safe and then this happens.

“It was shocking and when they told me I didn’t realise how far she had gone. When I found out I was petrified.

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“I would like them to get more security because I’m worried this could happen again.”

Hargrave Park’s headteacher Lisa Thorton told the Gazette: “Keeping our children safe is a top priority.

“We will not discuss individual pupils but can say that this was an isolated incident which we have thoroughly investigated.

“We have spoken to the parents, reviewed all our relevant procedures and systems, and are satisfied that the school remains a safe place for our pupils.”

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