Three-year-old miraculously rescued from Islington house fire

A THREE-year-old boy trapped in a burning house was dramatically saved as flames ripped through the property.

Brandon Frederick was caught in his grandparents’ house in Coleman Fields, Islington, as the fire raged and filled it with smoke on Friday afternoon.

A brave neighbour approached the inferno, smashed a window and tried to coax the child out, but to no avail, while his panicked grandparents Mary and Julian Frederick, both 79, looked on.

After falling unconscious due to the fumes, he was eventually carried out in the arms of a firefighter with an oxygen mask.

Dennis Frederick, 48, who is Brandon’s uncle, said: “The fire just went through the house so quickly. Mum and dad grabbed Brandon and tried to get him out, but as they escaped he broke free and went into the front room and got trapped in there.”

George Allan, a Liberal Democrat councillor who lives nearby and called 999, said: “There was a sense of panic about the boy. We knew there was a child inside, but it was full of smoke. What do you do? We were holding our breath.

“My neighbour Tony Shepherd tried to get in but there was too much smoke. He smashed the window with a ladder and he tried to coax the boy out, but he didn’t come out.

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“It was a heart stopping moment. The grandparents didn’t know whether the child was alive or not.”

Four fire engines and around 20 firefighters rushed to the scene after being called at around 2.30pm. The fire, which started in the kitchen at the back of the house, next to the room in which Brandon became trapped, has left the house heavily damaged and uninhabitable. Its source is still under investigation, but the cooker is thought to be a possible cause.

The London Ambulance Service sent two crews and the air ambulance doctor in a helicopter, which landed in the courtyard of nearby Isleden House. Brandon and two adults were taken to Royal London Hospital, in Whitechapel.

Mr Frederick added: “He is doing fine now. He was getting some treatment in intensive care but they have moved him out now. He should make a full recovery.

“The emergency services and the neighbours have been fantastic, but it’s very traumatic. My siblings and I all grew up there, it’s the family house. My parents have lived there since 1958 and this is the first major incident to happen.

“The day it happened they were in shock but they’re getting over it now and just trying to work through it.

“When I heard, I dropped everything to get round to the house and I just hoped nobody was seriously injured. It’s a miracle Brandon survived.”