Tories slammed over Highbury mansion tax ‘scaremongering’

Alex Burghart: 'Why should people be forced out of thier homes?'

Alex Burghart: 'Why should people be forced out of thier homes?' - Credit: Archant

Labour blast letter to constituents as ‘lies’ in opening election salvo

A “scaremongering” Tory letter telling people they could be forced out of their homes has been blasted by Labour.

In the opening salvos of the election battle, Alex Burghart, Conservative candidate for Islington North, wrote to people in Highbury claiming the proposed mansion tax may force them out of their own homes.

His letter said: “Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats want to bring in a ‘Mansion Tax’ after the election.

“This is a tax on your home.

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“Why should people who bought houses cheaply in the 1960s and 1970s be forced out of their homes if they can’t afford to pay?

“Why should people be punished for improving their property or a rising market?”

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But Islington Labour have slammed the correspondence as “lies”

Cllr Richard Watts, leader of Islington Council, said: “This is more scaremongering and lies from the Tories.

“The NHS in London and across the country is facing a crisis. Our hospitals need more doctors and nurses, and Labour’s pledge to deliver the funding the NHS needs will benefit Islington residents who rely on this most vital public service.

“Those people on more modest incomes, but who live in homes that have increased in value over the years, will be protected, meaning the Mansion Tax will only affect those who can afford to pay a little more.”

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