People friendly streets: Traffic cameras will stop Mayton Street being used as a cut-through to Holloway Morrison’s

Cllr Rowena Champion (r) with Finsbury Park ward councillors Cllr Michael O'Sullivan (c) and Cllr Ga

Cllr Rowena Champion (r) with Finsbury Park ward councillors Cllr Michael O'Sullivan (c) and Cllr Gary Heather (l) in Mayton Street. Picture: Islington Council/ Em Fitzgerald Photography - Credit: Em Fitzgerald Photography

Islington Council is installing traffic cameras to stop Mayton Street being used as a cut-through to the Morrison’s supermarket in Holloway.

Work on installing cameras, road markings and signage started on Monday, and from Saturday vehicles will be banned from accessing the shop’s carpark in Hertslet Road via Mayton Street and the parallel Roden Street.

The traffic reductions measures are part of the council’s drive for “people-friendly” streets.

To make space for vehicles to turn around, two parking spaces will be removed in Roden Street, and another one in Mayton Street.

The measures will be introduced under an 18-month experimental traffic order, during which the impact will be closely monitored to before a decision is made as to whether the scheme will remain in place permanently. The council’s eco and transport chief, Cllr Rowena Champion, said: “We are working tirelessly to create streets that are more friendly, greener and safer for our residents, and are listening to local people as we do so.

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“These measures will end Mayton Street’s use as a cut-through, reducing air and noise pollution whilst making the street safer for local people.

“I applaud the fantastic work the Finsbury Park councillors have done to champion the concerns of Mayton Street’s local residents about the traffic on their street.”

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Mayton Street residents started a petition last month after the council asked them to remove mini-gardens they had planted in pallets on the road.

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READ MORE: Islington neighbours start petition supporting ‘beautiful’ parking space planters The council wants the residents to pay to keep the pallets, which contravene the Highways Act.

But the residents think the gardens help make the streets more “people friendly” - in line with the council’s initiative.

The introduction of new measures in Mayton Street follows a public consultation held last year, which saw a majority of residents voice support.

The council has been criticised for its two other “people-friendly” streets schemes in St Peter’s and Canonbury East because no consultation was held before their introduction. The council says the measures will prevent rat-running, but opponents are worried they will exacerbate traffic congestion, and prevent access for emergency service vehicles.

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