Traffic warden slammed for dishing out tickets while parked on double yellow lines

The council vehicle was seen parked on double yellow lines

The council vehicle was seen parked on double yellow lines - Credit: Archant

No one is ever happy to receive a parking ticket, but when the traffic warden dishing them out is parked on double yellow lines it makes it even harder to swallow.

A Scout leader and his troupe were astonished to see an Islington Council enforcement car pull up outside their hut in Avenell Road, Highbury, in a no-stopping zone and the warden handing out Penalty Charge Notices (PCNS) for the same offence.


The town hall say the warden was working for NSL Services, which handles parking tickets for the borough, and has criticised the contractor.

Mark Darlow said: “We were astonished. When I challenged the lady warden she said she was working. I then asked was the fine for parking on double yellow lines and her reply was ‘yes’. I mentioned she was parked on double yellow lines and she just replied again that she was ‘working’.

“Now I am sure this was illegal parking as they should stay within the law. It’s not fair, one rule for one and not the other.

“We feel its outrageous at that time of night, anyway, let alone the flagrant breaking of the law from the council employees.

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“Its just stupid.”

Dr Belinda Webb, from NSL, said: “We make clear to our employees that they are not to park on yellow lines, although there are occasional cases when enforcing a contravention when this needs to happen.

“We are currently investigating the report and any decision as to disciplinary action will be decided between NSL and Islington Council.”

Cllr Andy Hull, executive member for finance and performance, said: “We expect parking enforcement cars to keep to the same rules as everyone else. This parking seems to be unacceptable and we’ve spoken to our contractor.”

“In limited circumstances, enforcement cars are allowed to stop briefly on double yellow lines, but we only expect this in exceptional cases.”