Call for action after scooter filmed riding on Islington pavement

An Islington resident was unhappy at what he calls a common occurrence.

An Islington resident was unhappy at what he calls a common occurrence. - Credit: Paul

Action is needed to stop moped drivers putting pedestrians at risk by riding on pavements, an Islington resident has said. 

Paul, who did not wish to provide his surname, feels not enough is being done to ensure moped drivers know the rules of the road because getting a moped license is quite easy.

Last week he took a video of a moped riding on a pavement in Aubert Park to raise awareness.

The engineer accused Islington Council of not taking responsibility for this issue, which he thinks could be a consequence of the Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) scheme. 

Paul said: “It seems like they can’t be bothered to do anything and are shrugging the problem to the side.

“I’m not necessarily against LTNs, but the council has to make sure everyone is compliant.”

Paul alleged he has experienced aggression from moped riders who have threatened him with physical violence for asking them not to ride on the pavements. But when he reported the problem to the police nothing changed."

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He also claimed he once saw two local policemen do nothing as they watched a moped driver go on the pavement.

He said: “It won’t be very long before someone gets hurt - this is a daily occurrence. I’m a parent and the last thing I want is for one of them to hit my kids.”

An Islington Council spokesperson said: “We’re committed to creating a cleaner, greener, healthier borough, where everyone can live healthy, independent lives.

“Riding mopeds on pavements is highly dangerous, illegal and inexcusable. We support police action against anyone who rides a moped on the pavement and we are working closely with the police to identify problem locations.

“We have enforcement action in place at some locations, and we are investigating further enforcement techniques.

“Anyone who sees a moped ridden on a pavement in Islington should report it by calling police on 101.

“Moped riding on pavements has been reported at locations across Islington, inside and outside people-friendly streets neighbourhoods. It is also an issue in other parts of London.”