Petition begins for reduction of traffic on Liverpool Road

A petition has launched about traffic on Liverpool Road

A petition has launched about traffic on Liverpool Road - Credit: Andre Langlois

More than 100 have signed a petition calling on Islington Council to take action to reduce levels of traffic on Liverpool Road. 

Lucy Facer, who started the campaign, said the street has "illegal" levels of air pollution and now carries more traffic than nearby Upper Street, an A road.  

The council has been blamed for making modifications to Highbury Corner that have caused the build-up of congestion along Liverpool Road – a major connecting passage. 

Lucy wrote: “This is affecting the lives of residents who are experiencing ill health, stress and sleepless nights due to the huge volumes of traffic.

“We want the council to take immediate action to reduce traffic and protect the health of residents.”

At the time of writing, 130 had signed the petition. 

Islington Council has not announced any plans to reduce traffic in Liverpool Road.

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The authority said nitrogen dioxide levels outside St Mary Magdalene Academy in Liverpool Road were 36µg/m3 when assessed. A 2019 report found the levels were within the 40µg/m3 legal level of NO2. 

In a statement, the council said: “[We have] been listening to local people, who have long been calling for quieter, safer and greener streets. 

“By creating people-friendly streets, we can reduce traffic by making walking, wheeling, and cycling safer and easier. 

“The schemes also support our ambition to create a net zero carbon borough by the year 2030. The need for these measures is highlighted by (a) rise in traffic.”

The authority said the “people-friendly” schemes are essential for making it easier for residents to travel by not driving and by stopping vehicles cutting through neighbourhoods.

More neighbourhoods could follow, the next being in Barnsbury and St Mary’s, where a public engagement programme is under way. 

To see the petition, click here.