Troublesome family evicted from Islington estate

A troublesome family has been evicted from a housing estate after having more than 150 dealings with police in two years.

Hyde Northside carried out the eviction at the Packington Estate, off Packington Square,with the police and council earlier this month due to their ongoing anti-social behaviour since 2009.

Younger members of the family were accused of violence, intimidation, and crimes associated with mopeds.

A judge ruled that the residents of the neighbourhood deserved respite from the aggravation after a four day trial at the Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court in April.

Andrew Meyer, head of housing at Hyde Northside, said: “We have a no tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour and we are committed to tackling the bad behaviour of what is in effect a minority of people.

“Our duty is firmly to protect the wider community and our properties. This family believed that they were untouchable.”

There is now a dedicated anti-social behaviour officer at the housing association to improve the response to incidents of this kind on the estates.

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Police Sergeant Liam Redrup, of the St Peter’s safer neighbourhood team, said: “We listened to the local community who were being terrorised by this family and worked in partnership with Hyde Housing and Islington Council to have these people evicted. We are committed to ensuring that residents are able to live in their homes without fear of intimidation or anti social behaviour.

We are taking action with our partners against a number of other families on the Packington Estate and will continue to target the small minority of families that cause misery to the local community.”

Hyde Northside residents wishing to report incidents of anti-social behaviour should email or phone 0800-389 6646.