Tufnell Park resident Lord Kinnock backs Islington cuts protest

FORMER Labour leader Neil Kinnock has given his backing to the upcoming Islington protest demonstration against government cuts to public services.

Lord Kinnock, who lives in Tufnell Park, chatted to campaigners from IHOOPS (Islington Hands Off Our Public Services) and signed their petition at the Nag’s Head, Holloway, on Saturday.

The IHOOPS demonstration will assemble in front of the Nag’s Head at midday on Saturday February 5 and march to Islington Green for a rally with speakers including Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn.

Lord Kinnock said: “The speed and scale of the cuts will kill jobs and growth so it won’t even cut back the deficit. It’s all pain and no gain. Joining the protest is vital.”

A spokesman for IHOOPS said: “The cuts imposed on Islington and other boroughs by the millionaire, former public school boys, David Cameron, George Osbourne and their Lid Dem chums will certainly cause a lot of pain.

“Not to the bankers in the City of London currently enjoying their �7 billion Xmas bonuses or to the fat cat businessmen who between them are responsible for most of the �120 billion in taxes avoided or evaded every year.

“No, the �335 million of cuts facing Islington – with each home losing on average �4,000 per year in vital services – will result in services for the elderly, teachers, youth workers, NHS, mental health, post, fire, council, transport leisure, libraries, voluntary sector and welfare payments all facing the chop.

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“That is why Neil Kinnock is right - joining the protest is vital.”

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