TV audition has ruined my life

I was recently on a TV reality show, and didn’t make it past the auditions. I’m 18, male, and a great dancer.

The auditions were filmed ages ago, but have only just been aired. In the meantime I’d got a boyfriend who adored me (I thought) and a new dance school that has got me loads of jobs, and am in a West End show, in the chorus.

But the ancient audition was shown last week and suddenly b/f has walked out, and the offers are drying up, although this West End show finishes soon.

I feel that my life has been destroyed because I was destroyed by the show judges when I had better potential than they said, and have proved it!

Barbara says: Don’t be a diva. You’re 18. You’re at the start of your dancing career and if your b/f walked out after seeing the show, how shallow is that? Be who you are and fight hard for what you want to be, but if you don’t want your future to be destroyed, don’t do Reality shows. They’re just humiliation exercises for some, and loadsamoney exercises for big media companies.