Twitter campaign launched to fight Islington dog poo menace

�Workers have joined the fight against Islington’s poo-ridden streets by launching a Twitter campaign to highlight the problem – which asks people to post snaps of turds on the social networking site.

Staff at an Islington design agency started the “Pootition” Twitter feed on Friday – on the same day the council’s �240,000 “dog squad” went on patrol – because they are sick of selfish owners messing up their area.

They are uploading snaps of every mess they spot and urge others to do the same, and have pledged to then post the pictures to the council.

Accounts worker Laura Weightman, 26, said: “Our mission is to get the council to impose more fines and put more bins around to make people stop thinking this is okay.


“We regularly come to work and there is dog poo in the entrance to our office and it’s disgusting. We’ve just had enough so we decided to start the campaign and photograph every one and we’ll send them all to the council. The whole office has come on board.”

On one occasion, the Pulse Group employees counted no less than 26 droppings on the half-mile walk from Highbury and Islington station to their offices in Lonsdale Square.

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They say the situation is so embarrassing they have to clean up outside their offices themselves when clients visit.

The team has designed a logo for the @pootition Twitter account and has already received dozens of photos. They have also been out sticking flags in excrement to warn passers-by and promote the campaign.

Ms Weightman added: “We know the council is taking some action but we want to put on extra pressure because this has got to stop. We will be keeping an eye on the council campaign to see if it makes any difference.”