Two tube suicides at Angel station in one week

TWO people died under trains at Angel Tube station in the space of just one week, a court heard.

TWO people died under trains at Angel Tube station in the space of just one week, a court heard.

Investment banker Noel O'Sullivan, 34, leaped on to the tracks on June 16, just four days before Greek tragedy enthusiast Charles Velu, 24, walked into the path of an oncoming train on June 20.

Mr O'Sullivan, of Canonbury Street, Islington, had just started a new job - and was plagued with anxiety.

But Mr Velu, a waiter of Lichfield, Staffordshire, had no history of depression - and had just been to a party. His family's only clue was his fascination with the classics and Greek tragedies.

Coroner Selena Lynch, presiding at St Pancras Coroner's Court last Wednesday , recorded a verdict of suicide in Mr Velu's case, and suicide while "the balance of his mind was disturbed" for Mr O'Sullivan.

Mr O'Sullivan, who grew up in Ireland as the youngest of five brothers and sisters, suffered from depression and anxiety.

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In 2008, he had been made redundant and had gone on holiday to Australia. On his return, he completed a three-month temporary contract before finding a permanent job at another company.

Mr O'Sullivan had only been at the new job for two-and-a-half days when he left at lunchtime to make his way to Angel Tube station.

There Mr O'Sullivan leaped on to the track shortly after 1pm - as a train was approaching. He died at the scene from his multiple injuries.

The court heard that he had stopped taking his medication because it had been "slowing his thinking".

In a letter to the court, sister Marie Donnelly said: "He got a job at a bank. He was delighted. Then he got a lady to rent a room in his flat. But there was a mistake and the accounts got switched over. He phoned me and said he thought someone was hacking into his bank accounts. He said that he couldn't take it any more and that he loved us all."

Paying tribute outside court, brother Michael O'Sullivan added: "He was our baby. It's very hard for everybody but we have to stick together."

Mr Velu finished work around 1am on June 20, going on to a party until 6am or 7am, before arriving at Angel Tube station shortly before 7.30am.

There witness Piergiorgio Marenghi saw Mr Velu jump into the tunnel as the signs flashed to say a train was approaching. Train driver Marco Zuccolini said: "As I rounded the curve, I saw a person standing on the track. It was impossible to stop before hitting him."

Mr Velu, who also died at the scene from multiple injuries, had not been receiving any treatment for depression but had attempted to overdose in 2008.

Father Sushil Velu told the court: "He didn't appear to be depressed. He spent a lot of time reading the classics and was possibly swayed by Greek tragedies. I spoke to his employer who was at work with him that night and he was perfectly happy and normal.