United Chip in Clerkenwell forced to close over complaints about smell

United Chip is in Clerkenwell Road. Picture Justin De Souza

United Chip is in Clerkenwell Road. Picture Justin De Souza - Credit: Justin De Souza

A Clerkenwell chippy has closed down for the summer after neighbours complained about its smell.

Fish and chips at United Chip. Picture Justin De Souza

Fish and chips at United Chip. Picture Justin De Souza - Credit: Justin De Souza

United Chip, in Clerkenwell Road, sources sustainable line-caught fish and shirks plastic to serve its grub in sustainable containers.

But some neighbours are more concerned with the shops deep-fried fumes than its green business plan, and it’s now shut.

A statement on the chippy’s website, said: “Due to odour complaints from local residents we have had to close the shop for the remainder of the summer, while we address the problem.”

But for some customers, the loss of quality Clerkenwell cod for the next few months is simply too much to stomach.

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“I was disappointed to see that the United Chip restaurant in Clerkenwell Road has closed down for the summer due to complaints about the smell that comes from it, said Lewis.

“I am surprised that the smell of chip fat has caused an innovative and attractive addition to the Clerkenwell food scene to disappear, when the shop is located at a major thoroughfare at the end of Clerkenwell Road where the smell of petrol fumes, hot tarmac and drains are, I would have thought, generally more offensive to local residents and make the smell of frying fish seem pleasant in comparison.”

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He also referenced the restaurants positive reviews, including glowing write-up’s in the Guardian and the Standard and it’s solid online customer reviews.

Lewis told the Gazette: “It is a vast improvement on the proliferation of chain restaurants and soulless, industrially-themed expensive gastro-bars we have seen spread across the borough in recent years.

“Indeed, whenever I have had guests visiting London and taken them there they have really admired a new take on boring old unfashionable fish and chips.

“It’s why I was so shocked that it has caused offence to some people, being so understated.”

The business also allows customers to order by phone so they “skip the queue” and it serves bottles of chilled Fidora Pinot Grigio to accompany the classier customers chip butties.

United Chip was opened in February this year and in March the food critic Jay Rayner said: “This may be the bravest restaurant opening in years.”

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