Video: Canonbury councillor describes attacking husbands privates on Graham Norton show

Cllr Paula Bedford

Cllr Paula Bedford - Credit: Archant

Warning: This video contains adult themes

A Canonbury councillor told a TV audience of millions how she attacked her husband’s private parts with a hoover.

Lib Dem Cllr Paula Belford appeared on the BBC One’s Graham Norton show on Friday night in the comedian’s ‘red chair’ where he asks guests to tell a funny story - if Mr Norton gets bored he pulls lever and they are flung backwards out of the chair.

Describing herself as Paula from Islington, the politician shared with the estimated 4million audience and studio guests Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Chris O’Dowd and Josh Groban, anecdotes of her ‘lazy’ husband coming home drunk, demanding his dinner and falling asleep.

On one occasion she flicked gravy on his shirt as he slept and pretended he had already wolfed down his supper, but when he started sleeping in his underwear during the summer months she went one step further.

The politician said: “I was hoovering one day and it was really hot, the kids were screaming.”

She added: “I thought ‘I’m so fed up with him’ and as I looked around he had those boxer shorts on with the little buttons and his little chappy was just pointing out a little bit.

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“And this thing said to me ‘take the pole off the hoover’ and I went over, pulled his paints aside and I went to go and I thought ‘no don’t do it’ and before I could get away it just lifted up and it went pthfft up the pole.”

Cllr Belford was not ejected from the red chair.