Volunteers help people too scared to go shopping alone

At a time when many pensioners were afraid to go out, volunteers called on June Cooper, 76, to give a helping hand with her weekly shop.

Visitors from the St Luke’s Centre in Central Street, Finsbury, went door-knocking on Friday and offered to escort elderly people scared to shop alone – as the community came together following the riots.

Mrs Cooper, of nearby King Square, said: “I was not particularly nervous, but there are people who were and hopefully this will help. I’m trying to carry on as normal, but it’s great that the centre decided to do this.

“I don’t know what was going through people’s minds to do what they were doing. Hopefully it has calmed down now and things will get back to some sort of normality.”

The charity handed out leaflets and put up posters inviting older people to call on their help earlier in the week.

Volunteers Grace Mick and Yonies Henry were joined by Keren Wiltshere, director of services at the centre, who said: “Most older people live alone and we know many are feeling very afraid of going out and about during these troubled times.

“St Luke’s is keen to help out and has recruited a team of volunteers to help out in practical ways such as shopping escorts, to make sure that they can get out and about with confidence.”