We only click in the bedroom

I’ve had a few problems with my girlfriend for the six months we’ve been going out together, because, although we have the most amazing explosive sex whenever we meet, we don’t meet all that often.

She’s got a powerful social circle of media types like her, and she says I wouldn’t like them. The few I’ve met seem to be on a different planet from me, I have to admit, but why does she want to see them like almost every night of the week when most of them are just airheads who talk rubbish?

I run a successful scaffolding company, but I do have a very good degree in economics. I haven’t been hit with the ugly brush, either. I can’t stand girls who are (sorry) typical Essex, and who just want to club and get wasted, but I don’t fit into her world, either.

Despite this, our explosive sex sessions are always after a night of intense discussion about anything at all. She’s bright and creative. She lights my fire. And we’re not really chalk and cheese, and I’m not actually a scaffolder, I’m a company director.

But I’ve come to a very sad conclusion. I think she’s using me for sex. Why won’t she just let me into her life and see what happens?

Barbara says: Because she’s not grown up enough. Leave her. Get out more. Do an MBA. One day, your princess will find you, and she’ll also be carrying a box of matches. Or maybe Ms Media will decide that actually, you were the best thing in her life, and ask you to give her a second chance.