Families enjoy snow in Islington

Snow fell across Islington on Saturday night, covering the borough in a white blanket several inches thick

Families took to the parks on Sunday morning to build snowmen and enjoy themselves in the perfect tobogganing conditions.

Alex Roty, of Northampton Street, Canonbury, said: “Early morning on Sunday, families were out in Highbury Fields to enjoy the snow which is so rare in London. The kids and their parents were all geared up to have fun in the snow, building snowmen or throwing snow balls. Highbury Fields was full of snowmen which was a very refreshing spectacle as the snow was melting down quite quickly.”

Will Roe, of Newington Green, said: “It was great to have snow on Saturday night. Luckily I made it home from west London just in time. It was lovely that it stayed on the ground and people were out having good old-fashioned snowball fights.”

The cold snap is set to continue, with freezing temperatures expected over the weekend. Forecasts suggest the chilly weather could last until the end of February.