What’s the point of laws we cannot afford?

i was invited to attend a community safety meeting at Islington Town Hall the other night. I found the episode to be a sculpted presentation carved to accommodate its own agenda. We were all invited to submit questions but we were not all granted the right to equality and an answer.

We were informed that the council had made up maps of areas where dog dropping offending was out of control. We were told that the dog fouling rate was halved when the council sent out an investigation team.

I was wondering whether they were going to invest in hotspot signage with flashing lights and a handbook for people to on how to approach the brown boa constrictor. I question whether this is a good investment of public cash?

The borough police commander then told the audience that his hands were handcuffed – well, economically speaking – and that he could not impose the law everywhere, eg 20mph speed limit, unless it was near a school. In effect, he had to prioritise his budget.

I wonder, when they make and pass laws, why consideration is not given to the economic practicality of enforcement and some of these situations could be designed out and public cash saved?

However, two great things did occur. One was a bye law which was being looked at – to get cyclists to stop cycling around the footpaths of Islington and the council leader does deserve a compliment for that.

– M.G.McElligott, Amwell Street EC1.