What’s the point of parking scheme?

The council’s revised parking scheme is nothing less than a sop to soften the blow of the massive increases for resident and business parking permits, which have risen by up to 100 per cent.

In response to residents’ fears regarding the inevitable abuse of this ill-thought out scheme, we are assured that council enforcement officers will patrol the streets around Emirates Stadium and other affected areas to deal with those misusing visitor vouchers.

However, those legitimately using the vouchers will now be entitled to park in hitherto restricted areas. So what’s the point?

This issue also begs the question as to why the officers referred to are failing to deal with the widespread misuse of disabled badges around the Emirates on match days. Will these fraud teams be diverted from other duties, or as I suspect, will taxpayers have to fund additional staff to enforce the scheme?

– Dave Barnes, Islington Taxpayers’ Alliance.