Whittington Hospital receptionist helps deliver baby outside entrance

A member of hospital reception staff took customer service to new levels recently - by helping deliver a baby in a taxi.

Shareefa La’Force jumped to the aid of expectant mother Mbu Mbasia as she arrived at The Whittington Hospital by cab, where it turned out little Ethan was in too much of a hurry to wait for the maternity unit.

The mother-to-be had not even made it into the waiting wheelchair next to the taxi in Magdala Avenue, Archway, before going into labour on January 4.

As midwives were summoned Shareefa, named Whittington Health’s best customer services provider at a recent awards ceremony, justified her accolade by climbing into the back of the cab, covering the mother with a coat and calming her down with the help of a colleague.

When the midwives arrived to take control of the situation, baby Ethan already had his head and shoulders out, amidst tears from both mother and the receptionist.

Shareefa said: “I was crying, she was crying, everyone was crying. Then the midwives arrived and took her to maternity. I’m still in total shock!”

A hospital spokesman said both mother and baby, from Edmonton, were healthy and well.