Whittington physio ties knot midway through London marathon

Paul Elliott and Laura Harvey celebrated their marriage after running the first half of the Virgin M

Paul Elliott and Laura Harvey celebrated their marriage after running the first half of the Virgin Money London Marathon.They went on to run the remainder of the race as husband and wife before they could enjoy their wedding reception, Sunday 26th April 2015. Scott Heavey for Virgin Money London Marathon For more information please contact Penny Dain at pennyd@london-marathon.co.uk - Credit: Photo: Scott Heavey for Virgin Money London Marathon

Couple raised more than £5,000 after marriage at 13 mile point of famous course

A pair of newlyweds proved marriage is a marathon and not a sprint on Sunday when they got hitched half way round London’s famous 26-mile course.

Runaway bride Laura Harvey, a physiotherapist at the Whittington Hospital, in Magdala Avenue, Archway, made her fiancé Paul Elliott sweat before tying the knot on mile 13 – raising more than £5,000 for Cancer Research UK.

Paul even carried Laura across the finish line after completing the event in six hours and 22 minutes – including wedding vows.

Speaking at the finish, Laura, 34, said: “It has been an absolutely incredible day, the atmosphere has been electric and to be able to share it all with our family and friends has made it really special.

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“We’ve done so much training together that I found running the first half on my own a bit strange but it made our reunion even more meaningful.

“The last leg was definitely tough but I think we were both so euphoric and had such great support from the crowds that we were carried round.”

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Laura and Paul of Clapham Old Town ran the first half of the marathon separately before meeting half way round at St Katherine’s Dock for the ceremony which was witnessed by 80 guests.

They then completed the run together and after a wash, brush up and outfit change they returned to the venue for their evening reception.

The newly hitched couple then spent three days recovering at a hotel in Brighton, complete with a hot tub to ease any aches and pains – and will be jetting off to The Bahamas on Sunday.

The pair ran the marathon in memory of Paul’s father Mark who died from bowel cancer in December 1995.

“It has been such an emotional day and I’m overjoyed to be married to Laura,” said Paul, a 41-year-old HR advisor at Imperial College London.

“The last few miles were tough going but having my wife by my side certainly helped.

“We’ve managed to raise more than £5,000 for Cancer Research UK in memory of my dad so hopefully we’ve made him really proud.”

For the marathon the pair wore specially crafted outfits handmade by the bride and her mum which combined traditional wedding attire with a more practical and comfortable design and materials suitable for running.

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