Whittington staff join ‘biggest strike for two generations’

Scores of medical staff from the Whittington Hospital walked out today (Wednesday) in “the biggest strike for two generations”.

Physiotherapists, podiatrists, radiographers, nurses and support staff rallied outside the Archway hospital from 8.30am, and created a pride wall where protesters wrote what they loved about the NHS.

William Collett, steward for physiotherapists, said: “This is the biggest strike for two generations, for 80 or 90 years which shows how strong the feeling is.

“Last year NHS pensions were two billion in profit, which we returned to the Treasury, so they’re sustainable, but the government is spinning a line in the media.

“Despite the strike, no one will be at risk and emergency staff will be working.”

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Other protests took place at Islington Town Hall, Archway Tower and Highbury and Islington station.

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