Why give them all a free ride?

IT was good to read that at long last something is being done about the long standing fare evasion at Finsbury Park station (“Oyster card readers at Finsbury Park station”, Gazette, February 17). Why has it taken so long?

But now what about bendy buses? After the recent fare increases how long do honest fare paying passengers have to watch the army of non-payers brazenly ride for free on these ridiculous buses? These vehicles seem to offer a choice of whether to pay or not and so many choose not to. Many think nothing even of breezily walking past the driver.

And on the rare occasions when inspectors board they either get off in order to jump on the next free bus or suddenly have the urge to touch in for that journey but they are still travelling free the rest of the time and costing London Transport millions of pounds.

I’ll never comprehend the naivety of the people who introduced these buses knowing that they would be a gift for those wanting to travel for free. But what a slap in the face for honest passengers. – Name and address supplied.