Winter Variations: Emanuel Gat - Review

World renowned Israeli choreographer Emanuel Gat premieres his latest work Winter Variations at Sadler’s Wells in Rosebery Avenue, EC1

Emanuel Gat’s latest work, which sees him return to the stage with long-term collaborator Roy Assaf, is not for the uninitiated.

An extrapolation of an earlier 15-minute work, the themes behind this hour-long set were difficult to decipher beyond broad assumptions.

An all-black stage, two-thirds lit with pale colours, concentrated the mind on the dance and music, but even these barely felt related.

Varying wildly from Mahler to Riyad Al-Sunbati to a re-cut A Day In The Life from The Beatles, none of it chimed with what unfolded on stage.

So then, viewers were left to rely on Gat and Assaf’s dance to fathom some meaning, and themes of reproduction, nature and evolution are discernable as Gat’s intricate, flowing combinations are shadowed by Assaf in a continual chase.

The occasional intimacy felt flimsy as their bodies shuffled, wriggled and glided across the stage, physically close but barely making eye contact.

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World renowned Gat may be, but this piece was too obtuse for the casual dance fan.