Women arrested for drink driving after Islington smash

A woman driver whose car flipped over in a crash last night (Wednesday) has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

The BMW collided with traffic lights on City Road, near the corner of Colebrook Row, in Islington, at around 7pm and was left on its roof.

London’s air ambulance rushed the 39-year-old driver to hospital, but her injuries were not serious and she was discharged.

As she was released from hospital, she was arrested by police on suspicion of drink driving and dangerous driving,

She remains in custody at a north London police station.

A 25-year-old male passenger was also taken to hospital with minor wounds.

Both sets of traffic lights, 50 yards apart, were knocked to the floor and the right side of the vehicle was left severely crushed.

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Police officers worked to clear the scene, but the road was still closed at 11pm.

Passers by watched as the wrecked car was flipped upright by officers, who began checking underneath the car and removing metal debris from the road.

Emma Youle, 33, who lives off St John Street, said: “The car was flipped over on its side with the wheel shaft completely torn off and glass and metal strewn across the road.

“The whole right side of the car was a mess of crushed metal. It looked as if the car had been flipped and two sets of traffic lights were knocked to the ground.

“It was hard to believe that anyone could have made it out of the car alive.”

Traffic officers will carry out a full investigation.