Women’s World Cup art in Archway

Juno Calypso An unneccessary and excessive display of celebration courtesy of The Artist and OOF Mag

Juno Calypso An unneccessary and excessive display of celebration courtesy of The Artist and OOF Magazine - Credit: Archant

As England’s women reach the quarter finals of the championship there’s a timely group show of football-based artworks in an Archway exhibition space.

As England's women reach the quarter finals of the World Cup this Thursday, Juno Calypso's new football-based artworks are a timely addition to the walls of an Archway exhibition space.

An Unnecessary and Excessive Display of Celebration is among a selection of art for the Women's World Cup staged by OOF Magazine, a publication which explores the intersection between art and football.

Calypso's pieces are inspired by a shade of pink designed in the late 60s by an American scientist to reduce aggressive behaviour.

After extensive research into the effects of colour on emotions, Alexander Schauss claimed that a specific tone of deep pink acted as a pacifier, and by being immersed in a room of that shade, a violent, hostile boil could be turned down to a simmer.

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Santa Clara County Jail is painted Baker-Miller Pink, so is a San Bernardino youth clinic, and it wasn't long before sports psychologists embraced the idea as a way of gaining an advantage over opposing teams.

At the start of the 2018-19 season, Norwich City painted their away dressing room Baker-Miller Pink in a bid to gain a vital advantage.

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One opponent, Sheffield United, were concerned enough to instruct their kitman to travel to Carrow Road ahead of the United players and cover the pink walls with sheets of white paper.

In May 2019, Norwich were promoted to the Premier League, winning the Championship by five points.

Inspired by the theory, Juno Calypso has made a new body of work for ULTRA: Art for the Women's World Cup .

This group exhibition features eight artists including Lydia Blakeley, Emma Cousin, Georgia Lucas and Rosie McGinn and features a cast of characters ranging from Brandi Chastain to Delia Smith and an intriguing sculpture of Gazza.

ULTRA Art for the Women's World Cup runs until July 27 at J Hammond Projects Bomb Factory, Boothby Road N19.

Open Wed - Fri 12 - 5pm and by appointment.


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