Women set digital comic record in Clerkenwell

Samantha Baines

Samantha Baines - Credit: Archant

A world record was set at Headrooms in Clerkenwell this week, with the most jokes being told by women on social media in one hour.

Organised by the video social network eva in collaboration with the community Funny Women, the challenge was taken up by a global audience, with women uploading hoards of jokes under the hashtag #evajoke. Over 50 female comedians also had the chance to try out their material.

Comedienne Samantha Baines, who was the master of ceremonies at the event, commented: “What a brilliant way to start 2016, with a snazzy digital record attempt that has never been done before! I expect to be breaking records at all my gigs from now on.”

Over 1,005 punchlines were recorded during the 60-minute window, with gems including: “I bought some organic tampons the other day, but they tasted just the same as the normal ones” and “When you’re in a relationship, men come along like buses — unfortunately for me, it was the bailiff and the taxman”.

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