Women take to Chapel Market in campaign against cuts

A FEMALE campaign collective is set to hit the streets of Angel this weekend as part of an ongoing fight against the cuts.

Members of Women Against the Cuts, a national campaign organisation, will be giving out information to passers-by in Chapel Market, Angel, about the negative effects that they believe the cuts will have on women in the UK.

The group believe that budget cuts will increase discrimination in wages between men and women and they hope to raise awareness about the hardships that many women face in light of the current economic difficulties.

A spokeswoman for the group said: “There’s lots of evidence that women will bear the brunt of the cuts. Shrinking the public services and local government has dire economic implications for women because the majority of workers here are female.

“Retail employment looks set to go down too, which again affects large numbers of women. If women want to go to university they have to pay the same tuition fees as men, but the fear of it being unaffordable is more likely. After all, having children rarely impacts men’s work and wages the way it automatically does for women and there is still discrimination in terms of pay.”

Members from the group will be in Chapel Market from 1pm on Saturday.