Wonderful teenagers bring so much cheer

I FELT that I had to write to you in the hope that you will publish what I can only describe as an example of festive cheer – and to bring to your attention that you have some wonderful teenagers in Islington.

My mother is a Corporation of London tenant in the sheltered housing part of Isleden House, one of 31 old people people’s flats. She is probably the youngest resident at 78, the oldest being 104!

Over the last few years a number of students from the City of London Academy in Prebend Street have visited the old folk – on occasions quizzing them about life in the “old days”, as well as providing entertainment of various kinds. They have certainly helped to brighten their days.

They have, however, now excelled themselves – and it is this that has prompted my letter.

Last week some 20 odd students arrived at the flats carrying 31 hampers, one for each of the residents.

Each hamper was individually made up and well thought out by the students. They then proceeded to entertain the residents – such as playing guitar – and then provided a Christmas tea.

It is so often the case that our youngsters are the subject of criticicism, but this has confirmed my view that there are also a lot of considerate, thoughtful and caring ones who should receive public praise. – Jan Guttridge, Convent Gardens, Findon, West Sussex.