Work for nothing... you must be joking

PRIME Minister David Cameron’s idea of the Happiness Society will not bring us joy. How can someone be happy to work unpaid?

The very idea of “forced voluntary” work is nonsensical. The new announced policy, working for 30 hours a week for one month to continue receiving benefits, or lose it for three months, already exists. Flexible New Deal claimants are sent to work unpaid, not only for charities but also local authorities and even private companies.

We are wondering why private companies? Are they not making enough money? How can you explain to a part-time student that he is unable to find work because someone else took those jobs unpaid? Far from reducing unemployment, this will actually increase it.

This policy will force down wages, especially for the lower paid jobs. Mr Cameron has said that he has never met anyone who wants to pay more taxes. We challenge him to find anyone who wants to work for nothing.

The Happiness Society is a sick joke on people on low income and a slap in the face for the poor. – Islington Poverty Action Group (