Worried about son’s habits

I’m worried about my son. As a dad, I’ve brought him almost on my own since his mum walked out when he was six.

He’s had such a bad time of it - he was diagnosed with testicular cancer at 19. By that time he was already heavily into abusing drugs, but it’s got a lot worse. He had his testicles removed and prosthetics implanted.

I love him, care for him, and have serious sympathy for him. He’s now 29, and still lives with me. He has a girlfriend of 16. He started seeing her a year ago.

She’s like a little kid, tiny, very skinny, and very na�ve. She shares his drug habits, or maybe he got her involved. Who knows?

Anyway, the other day when he was totally out of it, I found his computer and logged on. There are images there that shocked and disgusted me.

And I worry, I seriously worry, about his drug abuse, and that he’s getting this girl into it. What do I do?

Barbara says: First line of action, never keep anything to yourself. That’s so important. Run this by your friends. It’s a complex issue, and maybe they can help, him or you. Next, get on to your GP. Your son needs serious psychiatric help for his drug abuse, his involvement of his girlfriend, and his downloads.

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Try – I know this is so hard – to stand back. Bad breaks in life - OK. Trading on it - very sad and in need of help. Serious help is needed in this case.