Wrong choices

Labour councillor Barbara Sidnell talks about having no shame (Gazette, Viewpoints, October 14). But surely it’s her party that fits that bill?

How can she and her colleagues look Islington residents in the eye knowing that the only reason we’re having to make these cuts is because of her former government?

Let’s not kid ourselves either that everything is this Government’s fault. It’s not all government funding. In Islington it’s our Labour councillors who decide where the money goes from our Council Tax.

So decisions like cutting council funding for 16 police support officers shows how Labour is making the wrong choices locally. No to hanging baskets. No to safer streets. But yes to million of pounds subsidising free schools meals for the children of millionaires living in Hampstead and Highgate. Now that is something to be ashamed of. – Councillor Terry Stacy, Liberal Democrat, Highbury East ward.