You can help us save natural world

On behalf of the RSPB, I would like to say a big thank you! The thanks is aimed at all your readers who signed the RSPB’s recent Letter to the Future – they were among 355,773 people that signed a letter to the government asking for help to save our natural world.

Saving nature may sound like a huge undertaking. But the thought of future generations not hearing a cheeky house sparrow cheeping or having the opportunity to see creatures like polar bears and tigers, is terribly sad.

It’s an incredibly challenging time for the environment with widespread budget cuts but it’s vital that governments invest in a healthy economy and a healthy environment. As well as protecting jobs, the RSPB wants them to tackle climate change and protect our seas, countryside and wildlife.

And it’s fantastic that so many of your readers showed that they too care deeply about nature by signing up to the letter asking for smart spending decisions.

And we’re not stopping here. The RSPB has just launched it’s biggest campaign to date – Stepping Up for Nature. The concept is simple, its about all of us taking small steps to help save nature and I look forward to joining forces with you all once again. For more information visit – Kate Humble, RSPB President, via e-mail.