Young eco-warrior making a splash in Islington with diving film

�A determined teenager on a mission to save the planet is making a splash with his latest project – a diving film that hits the big screen this week.

Saving Nemo: The Beauty Beneath – directed by 15-year-old Robin Johnson – will be shown at the Screen on the Green in Upper Street, Islington, on Monday.

The film highlights the devastating impact on underwater ecosystems of climate change through footage of dives, interviews with marine experts and a voiceover penned by Robin.

The young eco-warrior, who lives in Tyndale Terrace, Islington, said: “The underwater ecosystem is beautiful but also very fragile, and human’s are having a big impact as it is taking on the atmospheric CO2.

“If we keep going as we are we will destroy the biodiversity of the underwater world. But a lot of people don’t know about it, but if you make a film, people listen – and we’re hoping to fill the cinema.”


GCSE student Robin has already raised �15,000 for environmental charities such as the World Wide Fund for Nature and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, by organising charity football matches, cake sales, raffles and discos.

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For his latest project, he roped in a team of professionals who lent their time and skills – including a cameramen who worked on flagship BBC documentary Blue Planet – and spent the summer shooting and editing.

Top marine photographer Steve Trewhella, who has appeared on TV shows such as Springwatch and Panorama as an underwater wildlife expert, helped with filming and was interviewed by Robin. “He saw my details online and contacted me,” he said.

“It’s commendable that such a young lad is doing this and everyone is very impressed.

“He’s very dedicated and he knows what he’s talking about, and if he doesn’t know he’s not afraid to ask the people who do.”

n Saving Nemo: The Beauty Beneath is at the Screen on the Green on October 3, 9pm.

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