Young Upper Holloway entrepreneur thanks foster carer for supporting her through difficult years

Rebbecca Brown, who has set up her own dog training business.

Rebbecca Brown, who has set up her own dog training business. - Credit: Archant

A young woman who set up a dog training business has thanked her foster carer in honour of National Care Leaver’s Week.

Rebbecca Brown, of Upper Holloway, grew up in care after a difficult childhood but started her dog training business, Four Paws, at the age of just 19.

She said her last foster carer, Angela, treated her like a daughter and helped her to grow as a person.

Rebbecca, 21, said: "Angela was like a second mum to me. She helped me to understand how I could be myself, and not let my past experiences define me and control my life.

"When I started to behave in a silly way towards the end of my time with her, she never once lost her temper and always supported me.

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"Through living with Angela I came to experience what it was like to live in a happy and loving family. She gave her foster children a real experience of family life by taking us on lots of fun days out and holidays. Foster children don't need expensive things; we just need to be shown what being in a family is like."

Rebbecca left foster care at the age of 18 and moved to a halfway house. She set up Four Paws a few months later with help from her sister Abigail, 26, who own a dog day care business.

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"Our aim is to help owners with their pets and provide a loving service to help them feel safe and secure with their animals in our hands.

She also thanks adoption and foster charity TACT as they were the first foster agency she was placed with when was 14.

She said: "They've watched me grow from a rebellious, aggressive person. I was awful to be around and they've been incredible.

"At the moment they're trying to help me find housing. They're just being there really - if I ever need anything they'll always help me.

"My advice to others who are about to leave care is never give up. Even when things seem dark and you feel as though your life isn't going anywhere, just keep going because I promise that one day everything will make sense.

"Most importantly, do what's right for you."

National Care Leaver's Week takes place this week in support of the young people who grow up in care. This year's theme is "future aspirations".

To find out more about fostering, visit

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