Zombie village fete held in Islington

The traditional village fete was given a gory twist as dozens of zombie fans wore outfits to celebrate the undead.

Blood-splattered bunting and dead flowers decorated the all-day Zombie Fete at Islington Metal Works in Torrens Court, Islington, earlier this month.

The party was held by film club Amy Grimehouse and also saw a 12-hour movie marathon featuring everything from Dawn of the Dead to Shaun of the Dead.

Alex Menance, co-founder of Amy Grimehouse, said: “I’m not quite sure how that idea came along. I just thought it would be funny if we did a summer village fete but turned it into a zombie fete. Then the ideas just flowed quite naturally.

“It went really well and had a brilliant atmosphere. The highlight for me was when we had a room full of zombies doing a choreographed Thriller routine.

“Other people said it was the brain eating – we had a chef cooking actual brain, though I’m not sure what animal it was from – and we had a speed eating contest with brain made out of jelly.”