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A pair of D&G trainers, one before restoration and one after

A pair of D&G trainers, one before restoration and one after - Credit: Archant

If your favourite pair of shoes are on their way out, you might be thinking of throwing them away.

Shoe SPA's Kamila Solecka

Shoe SPA's Kamila Solecka - Credit: Archant

Or perhaps you want your trainers or handbag to stand out from the rest and be truly unique?

However you wish to rejuvenate them, Shoe SPA, on the Caledonian Road, is not your traditional cobblers.

Shoe SPA can restore the entire item inside and out, preserving the original materials and pattern.

Looking at the before and after photos, you would be hard pressed to believe that they hadn’t just buy a new pair. But the seemingly impossible restorations combine traditional tools and techniques with the latest technology.

Shoe SPA, 80 Claendonian Road, N1

Shoe SPA, 80 Claendonian Road, N1 - Credit: Archant

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“Many people are connected with their old shoes or bag,” says Shoe SPA’s Kamila Solecka.

“They share a lot of positive memories and they simply don’t have the heart to throw them away. We can offer a second life to their beloved belongings.

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“There is also a group of people who simply don’t like the whole process of buying new shoes, as that often leads to blisters and other unpleasant experiences. They prefer to extend the life-span of the shoes they already own and are happy with.

“Some shoes or bags were part of limited collection and are no longer on sale, thus restoration is the only option to use them again.

Inside Shoe SPA, at 80 Caledonian Road, N1

Inside Shoe SPA, at 80 Caledonian Road, N1 - Credit: Archant

“In case of more expensive shoes or bags there are financial drivers as well, as it can be much cheaper to restore, than to buy new ones.

Shoe SPA never know what will come through the door, whether it be a comfy pair of work shoes or a pair of trainers that someone wants to turn into a one-off design where imagination is the only limit.

“We’re sometimes restoring some very old shoes, made using old techniques, and it has been a challenge to find proper replacement materials to restore them to their original look, but our customers are very satisfied with the results.”

Kamila aims to expand the business with locations across the capital, and reach the rest of the UK with a door-to-door courier service.

Shoe SPA can fully customise and restore any pair of trainers

Shoe SPA can fully customise and restore any pair of trainers - Credit: Archant

She added: “We believe we can contribute to the change of the entire shoe industry, where there will be more focus on quality services in the future and restoring shoes will be as common as cleaning a car in the car wash.”

Shoe SPA

80 Caledonian Road, N1 9DN

07460 676 307

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