Joe Montemurro says Women's game was an afterthought over European Super League

Arsenal Women's manager Joe Montemurro

Arsenal Women's manager Joe Montemurro issues instructions from the touchline - Credit: Gavin Ellis/TGS Photo

Joe Montemurro says the Women's game was an afterthought in terms of the European Super League.  

It was announced in the planning for the failed Super League that as well as a men's competition there would also be a Women's version and the Australian has had his say on it.  

Speaking to PA Sport Montemurro said the information surrounding the Women's European Super League was "very sketchy".

"I think the reality is that the information regarding the format of the women's tournament or competition was very sketchy.

"I do think that it was something that was added on as an extra scenario just to sort of put it in there as part of the full package."  

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"Speaking from the women's game perspective, it was sketchy so there was no real understanding of how or what was going to be a part of it. 

"It was like the women's competition was just an add-on and a bolt-on in regards to just embracing or encompassing the women's game as part of it, so it didn't really have any effect. 

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"As much as it's been a negative betrayal of the game I think it's an opportunity for us to look at these things and think, 'where can we do things better?' and, 'where don't we need new things happening in the game?', so I do think we can learn from this." 

Arsenal were included in the Super League proposals in the men's side but there wasn't a clear outline what the plans were for the Women's version on this he said: "Maybe they were more clever than us knowing that three of the biggest brands in women’s football in Europe, Paris St Germain, Lyon and Bayern Munich weren’t involved so they were playing the political balance from that perspective. 

“But I think that for me more confirms that it wasn’t thought out very well in the manner that it needed to be. 

“I think a lot of it was very, very sketchy, a lot of it had motives that only the clubs that were involved will know from their perspective but, as I said from my perspective, I think it’s come and gone.” 

He also revealed that he wasn't dissapointed that he wasn't consulted about the plans saying: "From our perspective it’s all come and gone, we can all learn from it and where the football landscape is. Hopefully we use all of this information to grow and be better on and off the pitch. I wasn’t disappointed not to be consulted, no. The reality is there weren’t many details so it hasn’t had a big effect.” 

Montemurro announced last month that he will be leaving Arsenal at the end of the season with his final match coming against Crystal Palace in the FA Cup on May 16.  

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