Euston gym is the place where anyone can discover boxing

Fighters at Ringtone gym

Fighters at Ringtone gym - Credit: Archant

Ben Day is hoping his ‘friendly, boutique, family’ gym in Euston will provide the perfect environment where beginners can learn to box stress-free.

Day, 35, is a professional fighter who arrived late on the scene – having made his debut just three years ago – but he is keen to help others who may have been equally slow to embrace the sport.

He owns Ringtone Boxing Fitness Gym, which is located in the basement of Bio-Organix Health Store on Drummond Street and offers a variety of unique classes, beyond the more conventional ‘boxercise’ sessions.

“We have a class dedicated to black cab drivers, a men’s gay boxing class on a Thursday and a ‘women only’ class,” said Day, who previously worked as a carpenter.

“Some gyms make a lot of money, with people not even turning up – but we do a pay as you go system. People can come in and pay £10 for a class, with no contract or joining-on fee.”

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Ringtone offers a new pad-work system known as ‘ultrmitts’ – an adaptation on a technique used by American superstar Floyd Mayweather in his training to improve balance, reaction time and awareness.

“I’ve been to America and watched him [Mayweather] work out in the gym,” Day added.

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“This is a pad-work system that involves listening to numbers and reacting with corresponding combinations.

“Anybody can learn – the ladies we’re teaching at the moment are getting to grips with the system quicker than the men. With us, you are learning the training professionally, while in a fun, non-intimidating environment.

‘For people who are not from London, it’s really hard to get to know people, as we can be quite ignorant as a city. For those who join this gym, there is a strong community spirit.”

The shows that are held four times a year at Camden’s London Irish Centre are a good reflection of the support generated by the local community for those gym members who fight.

To participate in these events – the next of which is scheduled to take place on December 14 – clients have to sell 20 tickets at £25 each, with the money going towards training and the show costs.

“It’s a lot of hard work,” Day declared. “Unlike other promoters, I don’t pursue the money by putting my clients into fights I don’t believe are evenly matched.

“I wouldn’t put anyone in the ring just to sell tickets. You are one fight away from ruining your reputation in white-collar boxing.”

The shows are also an opportunity to raise money for charity, with Mind Mental Health in Camden and Charie-Marie-Tooth (CMT) UK among the charities that have been supported at recent events.

With a percentage of ticket fees going to worthy causes, Day is well aware that breaking even is an uphill task, given the outlay required for the venue, the referees and even the DJs.

“For me, it’s not about money – it’s about people following their dreams,” said Day. “Fighting in front of a crowd is a life-changing event. If you concentrate on the people, and not the money, the money will come anyway.

“In our last show, we stopped a girl from fighting. She was too good for the opponent, and she would have sold many tickets for the fight.

“But I had to say ‘no’, to make a loss. As a business, and a gym owner, I could have let it go, but I felt it wasn’t right.”

Anyone interested in giving Ringtone a try should email or visit for more information.

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