International Women's Day 2022: Cricket history-maker Charlotte Bascombe

North London Cricket Club has a growing female membership, with Charlotte Bascombe a captain and coach

North London Cricket Club has a growing female membership, with former Scotland international Charlotte Bascombe a captain and coach - Credit: Charlotte Bascombe/NLCC

North London Cricket Club's Charlotte Bascombe made history as the first female to play men's first XI cricket in Scotland.

Bascombe played for Royal High Corstorphine (RHC) against Grange in 2014, taking three catches and scoring 10 runs while facing the likes of Scotland international Gordon Goudie.

And to mark International Women's Day this week, she discussed her journey to the top of her sport in a special column.

"Cricket was very visible to a young girl growing up on the border of two well-established cricketing counties (Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire)," she writes.

"Intrigued and backed by parents who actively encouraged both my sister - a very accomplished athlete in her own right - and I to try different sports, I began my love affair with cricket.

"As a junior, I honed my skills as an inswing bowler, representing Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire at age group level. Truly laughable now as a keeper bat who avoids bowling at all costs!

"My later years were in Scotland. Saturdays were spent playing men's club cricket with the rest of the week reserved for international training and matches.

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"I have been extremely fortunate. Amongst European tournaments and World Cup Qualifiers, I had the opportunity to play at the Invitational Shanghai Sixes, keeping wicket to Chris Lewis with Ian Healy in the slips. That was pretty memorable.

"Now in my 30s I am focused on what I can give back to a game that has never stopped giving back to me.

"It is at North London Cricket Club, as captain, coach and a valued member of the club's committee, I have found a base from which to build a community of aspiring female cricketers of all abilities.

"I am proud of what we have achieved - three female XIs - and what we will continue to achieve. If I was a betting girl I'd put money on some of my current teammates being future international stars. I am excited for what the future holds."