Islington boxer Connor Daly misses out on GB Boxing place

Islington Boxing Club fighter Connor Daly in action

Islington Boxing Club fighter Connor Daly in action - Credit: Islington Boxing Club

Connor 'Dollar' Daly has missed out on a place with GB Boxing, following a trial at EIS Sheffield.

The Islington Boxing Club captain said he will take a "break" from competing as an amateur boxer. 

The sport will not lose out on Connor completely as he is already a Level 1 qualified England Boxing coach and coaches sessions at IBC.

For just over two years, Daly has been doubling up as a coach and boxer at the Hazellville Road club and can be often seen teaching younger members in IBC's Junior Academy classes and Infant's sessions.

"2020 was a very difficult year for everyone. It gave me a lot of time to think about the past and future," Daly said.

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"I've been boxing for nine years, had 56 bouts boxing some big names, experienced a lot, achieved a bit, got to a very high standard, and boxed around the world.

"I recently had my final GB assessment earlier this year and felt I performed well but unfortunately didn't get the nod.

Islington Boxing Club fighter Connor Daly

Islington Boxing Club fighter Connor Daly - Credit: Islington Boxing Club

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"With that disappointment and my passion for coaching, helping, and supporting others to live a better life, I've decided to concentrate on coaching for now.

"I coach all levels of boxers and people who just want to get fit, learn a skill, build confidence, and battle anxiety and depression. I feel that with my experience, insight, ability to explain and describe things in a way that people will understand and will help me become a very good coach.

"Turning professional was an option a couple of years ago but after speaking to people in the know and who also experienced it, it doesn't sound very appealing." 

Daly earned his invitation to the GB HQ after finishing as runner up in the National Amateur Boxing Championships in his first tournament as a senior boxer back in 2019.

After some delays to his assessment due to an injury and the pandemic, Daly finally got his chance to break through to the GB Boxing World Class Academy Squad during the lockdowns in November and January. 

"I was lucky as me and my dad built a metal shed in my garden, so I was able to make that a little home gym. The instructions said it would take eight hours to build, it took me and my dad eight days!

Connor Daly and his dad built a home gym for lockdown

Connor Daly and his dad built a home gym for lockdown - Credit: Connor Daly

"It massively helped me stay mentally and physically heathy, both of my assessments came at difficult times, but it gave me a goal to work towards.

"Me and my teammates have not boxed or sparred for nearly a year! Both assessments were great experiences, training in the fantastic EIS Sheffield alongside some great people.

"Who knows, I may feel different about things once the club is eventually back open and watching my teammates box. I've not hung my gloves up just yet but will enjoy a few Papa John's Pizzas whilst I'm at it."

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