North Londoner Stroman stepping up to the plate at MLB event

Zach Stroman (left) flying the flag for Great Britain

Zach Stroman (left) flying the flag for Great Britain - Credit: MLB

North Londoner Zach Stroman cannot wait to take part in the FTX MLB Home Run Derby X at Crystal Palace on July 9.

Stroman, of Manor House, will be stepping up to the plate as four teams represent four of Major League Baseball's most iconic clubs.

And each four-man team will include an MLB Legend, a Superstar, a Wild Card and a Rookie, with Stroman among the latter group alongside fellow GB internationals Kennard Dawson, Jordan Edmonds and Rich Brereton.

He said: "What excites me most about taking part in the HRDX is exposing baseball and particularly Major League Baseball in England and all over Europe.

"My baseball ambitions include winning championships for the London Mets. Also continuing to play all around Europe while maintaining a regular role on the Great Britain National Team where we hope to qualify for the World Baseball Classic at the WBCQ’s this September in Regensburg, Germany."

Zach Stroman in action

Zach Stroman in action - Credit: MLB

Stroman is known as one of the strongest hitters in the UK, turning heads for the Finsbury Park-based London Mets.

He recently finished a college baseball career playing for St Ambrose University in Iowa, adding: "My career highlight was making my starting debut for the GB Senior Team last September at the European Championships, where I went 3-3, 2B, 2 BB’s, RBI & two runs scored in a one-run victory over Belgium.

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"My MLB idol is Paul Konerko. I am a massive Chicago White Sox fan and always have been. Visiting Indiana every year during my childhood to see my family, we would always go to White Sox games and he quickly became my favorite player and idol."

Zach Stroman hits out

Zach Stroman hits out - Credit: MLB

While home runs and epic catches steal the show, Home Run Derby X offers more than just big hits to event attendees. 

The London event will feature a live performance from British rap sensation AJ Tracey, interactive baseball-inspired activities, delicious ballpark food, fashion, gaming and more to push it to the next level and offer an unforgettable experience for all. 

To find out more, check out or follow the full FTX Home Run Derby X Tour at @mlb and @MLBEurope.

MLB will be documenting the progress of the teams, the Wild Card’s training journey at HRDX camp, and all the live and behind-the-scenes action from each event.

Last chance to grab your tickets for MLB HRDX here.

HRDX Squads - Boston Red Sox: Jonny Gomes, MLB Legend; Paige Halstead, Superstar; Liv Cooke, Wild Card; Kennard Dawson, Rookie.
Chicago Cubs: Geo Soto, MLB Legend; Alex Hugo, Superstar; Spencer Owen, Wild Card; Jordan Edmonds, Rookie.
Los Angeles Dodgers: Adrián González, MLB Legend; Ashton Lansdell, Superstar; Yoongy Kwak, Wild Card; Zach Stroman, Rookie.
New York Yankees: Nick Swisher, MLB Legend; Erika Piancastelli, Superstar; Daniel Corral, Wild Card; Rich Brereton, Rookie.