An Islington author's debut book was inspired by her adopted retired greyhound.

Trap 6, by Liz Zahedieh, is an adventure story, aimed at children nine to 13 years old.

The book tells the story of Donna, a young girl who discovers an abandoned greyhound and her puppies.

Facing a difficult home life, Donna’s story draws on issues of financial trouble, a love of animals and an encounter with Egyptian mythology.

Liz told the Gazette: “There is a connection between Egyptian mythology and greyhounds, they often appear in ancient Egyptian imagery. I know that children like a bit of magic, so hopefully it will draw readers in.

"I think it could appeal to all ages. I like to write about people with ordinary backgrounds, situations that I know children can relate to.”

Islington Gazette: Liz Zahedieh (right), with daughter Sarah Lundblad and greyhound ObiLiz Zahedieh (right), with daughter Sarah Lundblad and greyhound Obi (Image: Liz Zahedieh)

Since retiring, Liz has taken up writing courses which has led her to publishing Trap 6.

Her daughter, the Islington-based artist Sarah Lundblad, designed the front cover.

Liz is currently working on her third book and is a proud owner of her adopted ex-racer greyhound, Obi.

“I’ve had a connection with greyhounds for many years and I have an adopted greyhound myself," she said.

"I also enjoy going to greyhound racing which is quite controversial. I really wanted to show that there are two sides to it.

"I find that the good trainers and the good kennels do more to help greyhounds than anyone else. It’s a bit more complicated than shutting down all greyhound stadiums.”

Greyhound racing was at one point the second most attended sport for the working classes, with around 34 million people attending the dog tracks in the 1940s.

Since the 1960s, the sport has seen a steady decline in popularity, as issues of animal welfare came under scrutiny and audiences turned towards other forms of entertainment.

Now, there are strict rules and regulations regarding the treatment of greyhounds, with the threat of prison for animal cruelty among trainers.

Trap 6 is available to buy in paperback on Amazon for £7.99 or can be downloaded on Kindle.