Album review: Travis – Where You Stand

Travis - Where You Stand

Travis - Where You Stand - Credit: Archant

The long break hasn’t done much to weather Travis’ middling, melancholy songcraft on this seventh studio album.

After a five-year hiatus, neither their plentiful fans nor haters will be surprised to learn this seventh record is trademark Travis, from the wilted melodies to reflective lyrics and effortlessly downbeat, FM-friendly sway.

Perhaps 8 million record sales have stifled radical direction changes. But listen closely from your sofa and you’ll find glints of interst among otherwise forgettable fayre.

A Different Room carries echoes of U2’s surging, stadium-sized ‘80s ballads, New Shoes recalls Blur’s Think Tank effects as it pleasantly trundles along, and there’s a nice lyrical turn on the smoothly-plucked, pastoral Reminder.

The emotional chord is struck most surely in the disarming Another Guy, its low-key delivery and insistent guitar thrum hinting at a bitter, hollowed soul - and a hint of I Am Kloot’s perfectly judged resignation.

The title track’s affirmation of patience and support for a loved one is heartfelt, but falls flat with a weak melody and treatment, feeling pale next to the expansive, warm and vibrant Warning Sign.

Not their best.

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Rating: 3/5