Andy Burrows wants to let his music speak for itself ahead of new album Fall Together Again

Andy Burrows

Andy Burrows - Credit: Archant

Andy Burrows is one of music’s “good guys”, not that he would want to be seen like that.

Relaxed and keen to get on with producing the kind of music that is being lauded in all quarters, the protracted fall out with certain “characters” of chart-topping band Razorlight seems to be a distant memory.

“I never felt like I deserved something,” explains Burrows, reflecting on the rather acrimonious break up which led to him leaving the band in 2009.

“Razorlight was incredible but it just so happens that it was a difficult place to be emotionally with the characters involved.

“I think all I did when I decided to leave was to make a conscious decision to make sure that I’d work really hard.”

Burrows is not really sure how many albums can be attributed to him in the last five years; a testament to his work ethic above anything else.

He is speaking as we fast approach the release of new album Fall Together Again in October.

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“Officially it is my second [album],” he says. “But it is also my third because I did one as I am Arrows and I did another that was just poems (The Colour Of My Dreams), so it is kind of my fourth, a little bit my third and actually my second.”

Confused? Well, it is, like he says, really his second album proper: The Colour Of My Dreams was “a charity album” made up songs collated from a children’s poetry book; Sun Comes Up Again by Burrows’ I am Arrows band and Company, his last effort.

This list excludes Burrows’ side projects. The Winchester-born drummer was propelled into homes up and down the country when he co-wrote the music for the sequel to 1982 film The Snowman in 2012.

The Snowman and The Snowdog, a short film, earned Channel 4 it’s biggest ever Christmas Eve audience of around six million viewers.

“If you’re lucky to get a break in an industry like this you really want to hold onto it and want to keep on being creative,” says Burrows, an Islington resident.

“I have not had anything as big as what Razorlight but I have had relative success with brilliant people. I count myself very lucky that I am still working away in music.”

Burrows insists he is nether concerned about how he will be remembered as an artist or if he feels any pressure that comes with releasing a solo album.

“I see this as genuinely as a bunch of songs that as emotional and personal as anything I’ve done.

“Obviously you hope that people are going to enjoy it. I would love it if there were some hits on there. I think there are, but I guess we will see.”

The album, written half in during an 18-month stint in New York and half in Islington, is said, according to the album’s press release, to contain “earworms patiently queuing up to present themselves after the other”. “I feel really good about this album,” he says. “Really excited.”

It is easy to forget Fall Together Again is the tenth album in all Burrows has been involved in, but then again he has been keen to let the music do the talking.