Barbie-style doll lives with closeted gay ‘Ken’ in photographs on show in Islington

Dina Goldstein - Bedroom Magazines

Dina Goldstein - Bedroom Magazines - Credit: Archant

A Barbie-esque doll living with a closeted gay ‘Ken’, and anachronistic Jacobean-style paintings, are some of the subjects of works on display at a pop-up gallery’s new show.

Dina Goldstein - Dining Alone

Dina Goldstein - Dining Alone - Credit: Archant

Love to Death, which runs until May 30 at Leontia Gallery in Angel, features works by acclaimed photographer Dina Goldstein – best known for her tableau shots of Disney princesses living unhappily ever after for her Fallen Princesses project.

This exhibition will display works showing a Barbie and Ken doll living in bright pink domestic unhappiness from her collection ‘In The Dollhouse’.

Challenging the concept that beauty and power equals happiness, the photographs aim to give a whole new meaning to the marital vows of “‘til death us do part”.

The shots will be on show alongside works by other artists, including Dutch-born hyper-realist painter Frank E Hollywood.

A work by Frank E Hollywood

A work by Frank E Hollywood - Credit: Archant

His portraits of modern women wearing nothing but a Shakespearean-era ruff while carrying a gun or a coke can encapsulate the exhibition’s central theme.

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Leontia Reilly, owner and curator of Leontia Gallery, said: “If there are two subjects that artists, and of course the whole of the human race, obsess over it’s love and death.

“The new exhibition aims to explore the fixation with these themes and the associated ambiguous connotations. Each piece brings something distinctive to the exhibition both in technique and concept.”

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Reilly is offering private viewings

and consultations for first-time art investors.

The show runs at the gallery in Conduit Street, Monday to Saturday 11am to 7pm, Sunday 12pm until 6pm.

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